It’s Clean. It’s Rugged. It’s the ET51/ET56.

Want a tablet to deliver everything and more? This tablet encompasses world-class durability with an ultra-sleek design that takes the prize as one of the lightest and thinnest tablets on the market. There’s no need to compromise design or capability because this compact device takes on the role of both. 

Traditional tablets may get the job done, but there’s no way to put a price on the value of durability. Ever had a job that required work outside in the middle of June or paperwork to review in the darkest room of a warehouse? With daylight-reinforced glass displays, there’s no more crouching over and trying to read tiny letters in blaring sunlight and no more lack of customization on the job. 

Tablets have changed the management climate in factories and manufacturing plants as of late. Whereas supervisors of supply chains once confined to the constraints of their control rooms, are now carrying around tablets that help them track information and schematics more accurately and efficiently; employees are now instantly informed on tasks and inventory. 

Due to these factors, one-third of companies will implement an m-commerce strategy within a year, and 26% already have one in place. 

That being said, not all mobile tablets are created equal, and it's apparent that the lighter and more rugged the better. According to DTResearch, rugged tablets have a durability that eliminates the draining of resources and materials because they last for years on end without deterioration. Moreover, employee coordination has never been easier. Never skip a beat with your connection (poor connection is a thing of the past) because devices can be linked, and blending a workspace is a breeze. 

Businesses need a reliable tablet built to last to circumvent delays and encourage productivity, and we have just the right product. 

The Specs on Zebra’s ET51/ET56 Android Tablet:

  • 8.4 inch model for your pocket, 10.1 inch for your bag 
  • Fit for all needs—a compact tablet for when size matters or a complex tablet that processes intense data and storage
  • Built to withstand snow, subzero temps, rain, dust, concrete, and liquids making it perfect for virtually any job site
  • A touch screen that can resist the layers of even heavy-duty gloves
  • Unprecedented WiFi network performance with maximum processing from multiple devices

Rediscover your workflow process with….

  • Perpetual 24x7x365 Battery Power—Long shifts are never a problem with a second swappable battery via the back expansion to help the tablet incubate power for longer. 
  • Processing Power—A high-powered 8-core processor helps deliver superior performance no matter how long apps are running on the job.
  • The Fastest Wireless Connections—Multiple features boost WiFi network capacity, speed, and range so workers can shift processing from several devices simultaneously. 
  • Gorilla Glass Display—A shatter and scratch-resistant screen means there are no concerns about dropping the device, no matter how rough the environment is.

The use of a tablet is an integral part of a worker’s daily routine and can make or break efficiency. Thinking that a new system would help you broaden the horizons of the future of your business? Schedule a workflow audit with Strategic Systems to learn how to implement tech-savvy solutions to automate flows and minimize downtime.