FH Series Mobile Field Health Testing Station

FH Series Workstations from Newcastle Systems are the perfect solution for mobile and pop-up medical facilities of all kinds, including COVID-19 testing stations. Indoors or out, they maximize productivity with 8+ hours of continuous mobile power, while allowing medical personnel to work at safe distances and access complete scanning, printing, and computer services.

Solution Design and Consultation

Our engineers can help design a solution from the start or evaluate the performance of an existing system. We stay current with developing technologies and industry leading suppliers and manufacturers. Request a no-obligation consultation with a Strategic Systems today.


The FH Series Mobile Powered Workstation was designed to accommodate mobile printing for outdoor testing sites, temporary healthcare facilities and more.

The FH Series raises productivity by providing mobile power to your devices including laptops, barcode printers, scanners, inkjet or laser printers for 8+ hours at a time.

Features of the FH Series Include:

  • Worker Safety: Keep your people safe distances apart by enabling “personal” mobile printing, scanning, computing, etc.
  • Easy Wipe Down: Antimicrobial HDPE adjustable shelves can be easily disinfected
  • Maneuverability: 8” rugged casters accommodate use in parking lots, on gravel, or uneven surfaces
  • Hardware-Friendly: Quiet, seamless AC power (no need to source for DC-specific hardware)
  • Power System to Fit Your Needs: Swappable lightweight lithium batteries for 24/7 operation or SLA for 8-12+ hours of operation

Popular Applications

Pop-up triages, remote wings in hospitals, hotels, convention centers and more

Mobile Admission / Discharge Stations

  • Access Data / Print Wrist Bands / Print Labels / Paperwork & more

Mobile Testing Stations

  • Scan / Test / Print Labels, Paperwork & more

Streets, parking lots, tents

Mobile Drive –Thru Testing Stations

  • Scan / Print / Test

Typical Productivity Gains

  • Improve Processes & Flexibility – The integrated power system allows you to cut the power cords and move your station to the patient – wherever they are. Eliminate costly motion to static workstations.
  • Maximize Resources – A mobile-powered station means you can achieve the same amount of work with fewer pieces of equipment (computers, printers, test equipment, etc.) by eliminating static workstations.
  • Enable People – Health care providers now have full-screen access to important patient information while on the move. Eliminate the paper trail.
  • Instant ROI – Obtain measurable productivity gains without months of planning and implementation. Eliminate the need for costly cable drops or dangerous extension cords.


FH Series Mobile Field Health Testing Station Spec Sheet