Zebra MC3190-Z RFID Reader

The MC3190-Z RFID reader from Zebra Technologies is a business-class handheld RFID reader designed specifically to extend the benefits of RFID beyond industrial spaces and into customer-facing and business environments.

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The Zebra MC3190-Z enables fast, easier and accurate data collection to help retailers and businesses better manage inventory and assets for improved productivity. Built on Zebra’s advanced, high-efficiency RFID reader engine, the MC3190-Z delivers fast read rates and high throughput for improved productivity.

The MC3190-Z also offers pinpoint locating technology, which uses RFID to guide associates to specific items in “Geiger counter”-like fashion. As the smallest and lightest handheld RFID reader in its class, the MC3190-Z provides all-day comfort and ease of use. Its unique, orientation-insensitive antenna eliminates the need to precisely align the reader with the tag, enabling the instant capture of even the most challenging items. The MC3190-Z supports regions based on European RFID frequencies (ETSI EN 302-208) and U.S. RFID frequencies.

Business-class RFID Handheld for Global Deployments

Supports regions based on European RFID frequencies (ETSI EN 302-208) and US RFID frequencies

Zebra RFID Reader Engine

Provides advanced, high efficiency read performance for faster read rates and higher throughput

Zebra’s Patented Omnidirectional MAX RFID Antenna

Orientation-insensitive design eliminates the need for precise reader and tag alignment, for faster and more accurate reads

Pinpoint Locating Technology

A unique combination of intuitive audible and visual cues easily guides workers to a specific item: as the device moves closer to the desired item, a beep tone increases in frequency and volume, while a sliding graphical bar increases in size

Easy-to-use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Enables rapid and cost-effective application development

Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g Wireless Connectivity

Connects to virtually any wireless LAN for easy integration into any wireless enterprise environment; enables real-time wireless data capture anywhere in your environment

Zebra MAX Rugged: Meets and Exceeds MIL-STD 810F Standards for Drop, Tumble and Sealing

Built for all-day enterprise use; provides dependable operation despite the inevitable drops and spills; provides extended lifecycle; withstands wipe downs