HD4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Display

The HD4000 delivers everything needed in an enterprise-class mobile device accessory. Its rugged design is built to last for years despite all-day everyday drops, bumps and spills, yet comfortable enough to wear all day. An easy-to-see crisp display reduces eye strain during long shifts. Best of all, the HD4000 is easy to use: just plug it into the host mobile device and turn it on.

It’s equally easy to deploy, with no additional batteries or staging required. Plus, with a Software Development Kit (SDK) and ready-to-use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), it’s a breeze to integrate the HD4000 into existing and new applications.

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With the first of its kind rugged HD4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Display, you can boost task efficiency and accuracy by overlaying the most relevant contextual information over your workers’ real-time field of view. Now, hands and eyes are always free to focus on tasks — instead of interacting with an application on a mobile computer to obtain the same data. Imagine how many additional 100% accurate pick orders warehouse workers can complete every day. Imagine how many more pieces of equipment technicians can repair every day. And imagine how much faster and more accurately assembly workers can build your products, increasing production without expanding your production lines or your workforce. You have just imagined the power of hands-free directed-action workflows, made possible with the HD4000.

The HD4000 delivers everything you need in an enterprise-class mobile device accessory. And you get the peace of mind that comes from choosing a product backed by industry leadership — the HD4000 was developed in collaboration with Six15 Technologies, the leader in innovation in wearable optical displays.

The best in class see-through display technology delivers unmatched color, contrast and image clarity. The focal distance minimizes eye fatigue. The drop-proof, dust-proof and waterproof rugged design is built to last for years, despite all-day-everyday drops, bumps, and spills. The accessory architecture utilizes the battery, processor and WiFi and cellular radios of the host mobile computer, enabling a feather-light 1.06 oz./30 g design that delivers extraordinary all-day comfort. Since the HD4000 mounts to commercial, off-the-shelf safety glasses without tools, you can give each worker their own personal pair of glasses, improving hygiene and helping prevent the spread of germs. The ability to switch the HD4000 from right to left eye in seconds reduces eye strain and ensures all-day comfortable viewing. And workers can flip the HD4000 up and out of view in a split second, providing convenience and security.

Since there are no batteries to change, wireless radios to configure or OS updates required, management time and cost is marginal. And with Zebra’s Android HD4000 SDK and two ready-to-use tools — Zebra Warehouse Templates and Zebra Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) — integration into any existing or new application is fast and easy.

Maximize workflow efficiency, workforce productivity and the value of your mobile computers with the HD4000 from Zebra — the only see-through wearable display built for the enterprise.


Zebra HD4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Display Spec Sheet

Zebra HD4000 Head-Mounted Display Video