ET5X Tablet Computer Series

Some of the thinnest and lightest of the full line of Zebra rugged tablet computers, the ET51, and ET56 enterprise tablets deliver the sleek consumer styling your workers want, with the enterprise-class durability, data capture and accessory family you need to create the perfect tablet solution for your environment, workers and apps.

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When it comes to choosing a tablet for your business, your workers want sleek consumer styling, while you need enterprise-class durability, data capture and an accessory family that allows you to create the perfect tablet solution for your environment, workers, and apps. Now you can have it all with the ET51 and ET56 Windows Enterprise Tablets, some of the thinnest and lightest of the full line of Zebra rugged tablet computers. And with your choice of a compact 8.4-inch or full-size 10.1-inch model with WiFi only or WiFi and cellular, there’s a tablet that’s just right for virtually any worker inside your facility or out in the field.

The ET51 and ET56 provide your workers with the same great styling they love on their personal tablet, with a rugged design built to handle drops to concrete, rain, snow, dust, extreme heat, subzero temperatures, spilled liquids and even a hose-down at full force. You can virtually double the drop specification from 3.2 ft./1 m to 5.9 ft./1.8 m with the optional rugged frame. The Corning® Gorilla® Glass protected display provides shatter- and scratch-resistance, protecting one of the most vulnerable components on any tablet. And vibration testing ensures this tablet is ideal for use in practically any vehicle, from forklifts in a warehouse to delivery trucks out on the road. Class-best brightness makes the ET51 and ET56 easy to read in any lighting condition, including bright sunlight. The advanced, high-resolution touchscreen works even when wet — and workers can enter data with a finger, with or without a glove, or a passive stylus for more precision. The fast, ultra-low-power processor combines with plenty of memory to run multiple apps simultaneously. The removable battery means you never need to take the ET51/ET56 out of service for charging — just swap in a new battery when you need more power. And you can easily attach an expansion back with a hot-swappable auxiliary battery for around-the-clock power. The ET51 and ET56 work on practically any WiFi network. And with LTE connectivity, workers outside the four walls can get a dependably fast cellular connection almost anywhere in the world.

When it comes to imaging, you have a myriad of choices. Add the Zebra enterprise-class SE4710 barcode scanner for light scanning, the SE4750 reader for moderate to heavy scanning or most Zebra Bluetooth scanners to pair with your tablet. If you just need occasional imaging, you can just use the integrated 8MP rear-facing color camera. And the integrated 2MP front-facing camera is ideal for video calling over the WiFi and cellular networks.

An unmatched accessory family lets you customize your tablet solution to meet the needs of different workers. The ET51 and ET56 offer the most charging solutions, including wall mount and desktop inside the four walls, and third-party vehicle cradles for on-the-go workers in the field. A docking station provides all the connectivity you need to use the ET51 and ET56 as a desktop solution, with three USB ports, Ethernet and HDMI. And the universal ShareCradle provides a common base for charging all your Zebra mobile computers and tablets — just insert the right cup for your devices. Add a variety of features with the innovative Expansion Back — from a rotating hand strap and enterprise-class SE4710 or SE4750 scan engine to an optional hot-swappable battery for around-the-clock power. And one flexible case provides three ‘wearable’ options: in a holster on a belt, in an over-the-shoulder strap or a cross-body strap.

The ET51/ET56 Windows Enterprise Tablets — all the features your business needs, with the consumer good looks your workers want.