Alien ALR-8698 RFID Antenna

The Alien Technology ALR-8698 is a high-performance, worldwide, circular-polarized antenna for use in demanding applications. Both the ALR-8698 and ALR-8697 antenna utilize the same form-factor but offer different gain. The ALR-8698 is a 11dBic (US)/ 10dBic (EU) gain antenna for use with Alien’s mid-range readers.

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The Alien Technologies ALR-8698 antenna is circularly polarized panel antenna that provides reception and transmission of signals in the 865-928 MHz frequency band. The design methodology achieves maximum efficiency and performance across the entire frequency band and tag orientations.

Both VSWR and axial ratios are both excellent and allow the user to achieve the maximum performance for an antenna of this type. The antenna is housed in a heavy-duty radome enclosure that can be directly wall mounted via standard VESA mounting techniques. Bothe the ALR-8698 and ALR-8697 antenna have exactly the same footprint so can be interchanged if needed and both have the same inset reverse TNC connector that helps to protect it from knocks and damage.