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We offer scalable, affordable work in process inventory solutions that give you real-time visibility into your processes and operations.

Work In Process

RFID WIP Solutions Can Help You Save Time, Improve Quality, and Reduce Costs

Production floors have become complex and error-prone environments. With complex assembly processes, intricate logistics and countless parts and tools moving about, there's more pressure than ever to cut costs and increase efficiencies. As a result, RFID (radio frequency identification) is emerging as a powerful tool for streamlining production and inventory control on factory floors of all sizes.


When smart RFID tags are introduced into the production environment, you can make more informed decisions about production, inventory levels and delivery dates. As a result, your labor needs and errors decrease, and costs do, too.

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Strategic Systems & Technology is a trusted resource for RFID solutions, including readers and tags used in a variety of WIP applications. We’ve also developed systems for numerous WIP applications based on the StrategicRFID platform, a web-based application that enables us to deliver solutions quickly to meet your particular needs.

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