Returnable Transport Item Tracking

Automating your RTI-tracking results in more efficient processes, better asset usage, and improved workflow planning.

Manage Your Returnable Assets In Motion

Mismanaging returnable transport items – the reusable cartons, bins, pallets, wheeled trolleys and cages that are used to pack and carry your goods from site to site or just across the warehouse floor – can have dramatic effects on the time, labor, and costs associated with shipping and receiving them.

Returnable container tracking will help you protect your investment and significantly control these costs. The system utilizes modern hardware from Zebra Technologies to deliver the visibility, control, and information you need to manage your returnable assets from acquisition through usage, maintenance, and eventual disposal.

Returnable transport item tracking using Zebra hardware can help you:

Prevent loss, theft, or damage to containers

Accurately track reusable container movements

Decrease labor costs related to finding and allocating assets

Ensure timely shipments through container availability

Returnable Transport Item Tracking

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