Personnel Tracking

We offer customizable, reliable RFID personnel tracking solutions that give you insight and visibility into the whereabouts of the people critical to your business.

Personnel Tracking

Personnel tracking helps you maintain a safe, efficient, and productive environment.

When people’s safety, accountability, and visibility are critical to your operations, RFID can help. Whether your goal is to prevent cross-contamination in a laboratory, ensure proper hand-washing in a medical environment, or to monitor the safe and secure transport of children on a school bus, RFID personnel tracking can connect the dots that help make sure these things happen. RFID tracking can monitor the locations of individuals and track their movements throughout your facilities in real-time or by key checkpoint.


Knowing where your people are is critical to maintaining safe, efficient operations. With RFID, personnel tracking becomes automatic, measurable, and reliable. In personnel-related situations that require you to take swift action, you need the essential visibility that RFID personnel tracking can provide.

Personnel tracking can help you stay on top of things like:

Automatically tracking workers coming in and out of hazardous or sensitive areas.

Notifying nursing home staff if residents leave designated areas.

Alerting hospital employees to wash their hands before leaving or entering a space.

Tracking employee attendance at mandatory training sessions.

Quickly locating and notifying security staff when they are needed in emergency situations.

Limiting or tracking employee access to restricted work areas.

Tracking students on a school bus to prevent children from getting off at a wrong stop.

Mustering and accounting for individuals in the event of a building evacuation.

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