Scalable RFID Software

StrategicRFID™ helps you automatically capture information about the items and people critical to your operations. 

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We help reduce the cost and complexity of RFID software solutions.

StrategicRFID™ eliminates the most common obstacles to RFID, making it easier than ever to justify and immediately benefit from the implementation of RFID technology.

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No science projects. Certified equipment and proper planning ensure the maximum read distance and coverage area and prevent cross-reads.

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Affordable. StrategicRFID™ costs a third less than traditional software, and built-in configuration tools help keep implementation and maintenance costs down.

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Nothing to install. StrategicRFID™ is a web-based application, and integration is easy using the intuitive RESTful APIs built into the system.

Key Features of StrategicRFID™

Web-based (Saas) application

Android OS device support

RESTful APIs to connect with other systems

Email Notifications

Configurable dashboard

Global RFID settings to simplify configuration

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Complete RFID Systems

StrategicRFID™ is designed to work seamlessly with industry-leading providers of RFID:



Handheld devices, and


Our rigorous certification process ensures bulletproof compatibility with the RFID scanner software, and our experts can help you select and configure your system for optimal performance.

Take Control of Your Business

Want to reduce labor costs? Simplify business processes? Reduce inventory errors and inaccuracies? Prevent theft? Here are just a few high value RFID software solutions that deliver exceptional return on investment.

Returnables Tracking

Personnel Tracking

Work In Process

IT Asset Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Inventory Control

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Get Started with an RFID Assessment

Wondering if RFID is Right for You?
We offer a proven process to determine if an RFID software solution is suitable and feasible for your business.