Zebra MotionWorks Proximity

Zebra MotionWorks Proximity combines contact tracing with user-level alerts to contain exposure and empower workers to maintain distance.


Turn Work Zones Into Safe Zones

Keep employees safe, avoid shutdowns, and ensure compliance. Combining alerts with contact tracing, Zebra MotionWorks Proximity empowers employees to avoid proximity events and management to contain exposure. Easily deploy it in a matter of days, remotely, with zero new infrastructure.

Introducing Zebra MotionWorks Proximity

As you adapt your business to the new normal, you need proven solutions you can trust. 

Give your workers the tools they need to perform tasks with confidence – and added safety.

Zebra MotionWorks Proximity is a turnkey solution that uses Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® to give you the mobility, security and control you need, along with the scale, support and expertise you expect from Zebra. 

Diversity workers wear protective face mask in warehouse

Engineered for Enterprises

Zebra MotionWorks Proximity is made to perform in your environments and workflows.

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Ready to learn more?

Zebra MotionWorks Proximity can help you adapt to the new normal and keep your workforce safe. Contact us to schedule a live demonstration.