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Protect your network and organization with enterprise wireless security.

Enterprise Wireless

How secure is your enterprise wireless?

Wireless has become an essential business-enabler. Connecting corporate, BYOD, IoT and guest devices to your wireless network continues to place a higher demand on your wireless network and wlan security infrastructure. How do you address the growing need for mobility -- safely and securely -- without sacrificing performance?

Enterprise wireless security helps protect you from data breaches and the negative publicity, damaged credibility, and disruption of services that go along with them. To protect your business, you need wireless security services that can provide you with a solid network design and device management capabilities, as well as monitoring and analysis. And experience and WLAN security expertise make it easier to protect your mobility infrastructure without over-burdening your IT team.

Wireless security services

Our enterprise wireless security services are designed to help you solve your most pressing security challenges with proven solutions and methodologies. We can help you to protect your wireless LAN and manage the additional complexities of compliance, new services, and performance optimization. Our network security offerings include:

Secure wireless network design

Security analysis and upgrades

Technology evaluation and selection

Mobile device management

Implementation and optimization

Ongoing monitoring

Wireless Security
Wireless Intrusion Detection

Wireless intrusion detection and prevention solutions

We offer a full suite of wireless LAN security and management applications including:


AirDefense Infrastructure Management - A single console for multi-vendor and multi-generation WLAN management.

AirDefense Network Assurance Solutions
- A suite of vendor-agnostic tools that proactively optimize wireless LAN performance while also enabling remote troubleshooting.

AirDefense Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention
- A system that uses collaborative intelligence, with access points/dedicated sensors that work in tandem with a server appliance to monitor all 802.11 (a/b/g/n) wireless traffic.

AirDefense Bluetooth Monitoring
- One of the only solutions available for detecting suspicious Bluetooth devices, including Bluetooth-enabled payment card skimmers.

Secure Enterprise Wireless

Want to ensure that your wireless network is protected from the inside out?