Strategic RFID Assessment

Image of RFID assessment documents.

An RFID Process Designed to Ensure Your Success

Strategic Systems offers a proven method to systematically determine if RFID is right for your company, both technologically and from a business standpoint. By the end, you’ll know definitively whether or not there is justification for RFID within your organization.

We employ the following methodology to ensure your success:

Step 1: Discovery

A complimentary 30-45 minute call with an RFID specialist to discuss the items you want to track, how they move, and where your store them. We don’t believe you should be charged just to find out if RFID is a viable solution to your business problem.

Step 2: Demonstration

Configured based on information gathered during the discovery call. If the solution meets your project requirements, we’ll provide a proposal with cost estimate and recommend you schedule an RFID survey.

Step 3: Survey

A comprehensive RFID survey to ensure that RFID tags and antennas deliver optimal data capture. Afterwards, we’ll provide a detailed report to facilitate installation and commissioning should you choose to move forward.

Step 4: Implementation

Typically 4-6 weeks from the date of purchase. During that time, we’ll assign a dedicated project manager and a point of contact for ongoing support.

Interested in RFID?

Our highly experienced RFID team will provide you with a free, no obligation RFID assessment.


Where does the demonstration take place?

We conduct most demonstrations via GoToMeeting. We can also host you at our office in northern Atlanta, or visit you onsite. Depending on your location, travel costs may apply.

Is the RFID survey free?

No, but we’ll deduct the cost of the survey fee should you decide to purchase. We’ll also refund the survey fee if we determine that RFID is not a good fit.

Do I need an RFID survey?

Although an RFID site survey isn’t required, we highly recommend it. Alternatively, you can purchase an RFID starter kit and conduct in-house testing, but we won't be able to ensure optimal tag data collection.