Mobile Device Services

We provide cost-effective mobile device services that ensure your workers have the right device, in the right hands, every time they need it.

Does your business rely on mobility?

Strategic Mobile Device ServicesTM provides a full lifecycle, step-by-step approach to effectively select, deploy, manage, support, and refresh large, widely distributed populations of enterprise and consumer devices.


Roadmap and Strategy

We provide comprehensive pre-sales device selection services in order to ensure your workers have the right device and to maximize your investment.


Device Staging and Kitting

Deploying many mobile devices to employees dispersed throughout remote locations can be a daunting task. We help you can simplify the process.


Configure and Manage

We assist companies at all stages of Mobile Device Management (MDM) implementation, and can be as hands-on or off as you need us to be.


Spare Pool and Helpdesk

We can help you ensure the reliability of all of your mobile devices, including spare pool management and rapid equipment exchange (REX). 

Mobile Device Selection Services

  • Business Process Review

    We can review and assess your current mobile environment and define critical success factors.

  • Mobile Roadmap

    We can help you you build a comprehensive mobile strategy to ensure current and future objectives are met.

  • Device Selection

    We can help you ensure the right device, accessories, and support plans are selected. This often includes onsite visits and demo gear.

  • Financial Strategy

    We provide flexible purchase options including building device service costs into hardware pricing and Device as a Service (DaaS).

Deployment Services for Mobile Devices

  • Staging

    We can prepare your hardware so it’s ready to use, right out of the box. This includes downloading your golden image, updating or downloading OS or firmware revisions, loading and activating software licenses, and configuring internal network settings.

  • Kitting

    Prior to shipping your devices, we can assemble or group each unit with any separate accessories (i.e., stylus, hand strap, charging cable, vehicle mount, spare battery, etc.) that are required to be in place before the device is available to an end user.

  • Quality Control

    We inspect all equipment prior to deployment in order to ensure it's working properly and ready to ship. We can also attach an asset label or tag so you can more easily track and manage your mobile devices.

  • Device Training

    Make sure your support staff isn't thrown to the wolves. We can equip your team or team leads with the skills required to successfully use a technology solution. This can be done in large- or small-group settings.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Services

  • Installation & Configuration

    We’re a certified partner to multiple MDM service providers, including VMware's AirWatch and SOTI. We can help you with your initial account setup, installation, and configuration.

  • Deployment

    We can help you enroll devices, manage profiles, and deploy applications to Apple, Android, and Windows devices without user involvement.

  • Device Management

    We can provide you with central control of devices within your corporate network, including data, security, applications, web activity, and data transmission.

  • Device Management Training

    Make sure your support staff isn't thrown to the wolves. We can help train your team on how to setup, use, and maintain your MDM solution.

Learn about the SOTI ONE Platform, an innovative platform that reduces the cost, complexity, and downtime of business-critical mobility.

Mobile Device Service Support

  • Rapid Equipment Exchange (REX)

    This online management portal provides 24/7 visibility to track, deploy and ensure the usability of all of your mobile devices and accessories.

  • Spare Pool Management

    We provide guardianship of your backup devices, staging and securely storing them until they’re needed, then shipping them out whenever and wherever they are required.

  • Helpdesk

    We offer professionally delivered Tier 2 and Tier 3 support services. Our expert technicians learn your business processes in depth so they can assist you however you need.

  • Asset Reporting

    We provide real-time visibility over your entire mobile device population. We also offer a quarterly review that provides insights and actionable data.

Learn more about Rapid Equipment Exchange (REX) and spare pool management.

Considering Mobile Device Services?

Strategic Mobile Device Services™ are best suited for customers with 50 or more mobile devices. Especially those with multiple work sites, devices from several different manufacturers, or remote workers.