Introducing Strategic RFID for Energy

There's a better - and - easier way to reduce costs.

The nuclear power facility was no place for inefficiency... so we did something about it.

Productivity losses and inefficient workflows can increase nuclear generation costs, hindering your facility’s competitive advantage. That’s why Strategic Systems has partnered with Zebra Technologies to optimize operations with StrategicRFID, the locationing solution designed to:


Visibility Made for Results

Combine the power of RFID technology to accurately and passively collect data for analytics and planning, while effectively managing work center labor and personnel. Built with Zebra’s advanced RFID devices, this solution empowers you to:

  • Deliver powerful business logic to your RFID hardware
  • Assign unique identifiers and descriptions to objects/personnel, locations, antennas, and readers
  • Manage, monitor, and control fixed RFID readers
  • Enable data transfer between the application and readers
  • Record and compile information based on specific criteria
  • Report and share data with other systems

We’re sharing how StrategicRFID has been implemented successfully in the US nuclear industry at our Energy Webinar

Join us on November 12th to see how you can integrate a customized locationing solution into your plant and get a chance to win one of five $100 Amazon Gift Cards*.

*See official rules here.

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To learn how StrategicRFID can help the nuclear industry reduce planned outage duration and cost, download our solution whitepaper, or reach out to our locationing specialists for more information.

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