Zebra Certified Refurbished Devices

100% tested. 100% certified. 100% Zebra quality guaranteed.

Zebra Certified Refurbished

Zebra's Certified Refurbished Mobile Device Program

As you plan for future technology refreshes, Zebra’s Certified Refurbished Program provides you with 100% tested, 100% certified refurbished devices with the same exceptional performance you have come to expect from Zebra.


Zebra reclaims and refurbishes Zebra devices for your reuse so that you don’t compromise on performance. Each device undergoes a rigorous process, during which the operating system is reloaded and the functionality is tested, repaired (if required) and reset to factory settings.


With new batteries plus warranty and support options, Zebra-certified refurbished devices look and perform like new to ensure each device continues to accelerate your operations.


Zebra Certified Refurbished Devices

For a trusted and certified solution that offers reliability and business operation continuity, look no further than Zebra.

Trust in Zebra to provide ...

Devices that perform like new

Rigorous 24-point refurbishment and inspection process

Includes a new battery

Pre-installed operating system software

Backed by a 90-day warranty

Optional Zebra OneCare service and support

Planning a Technology Refresh?

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