Zebra RFD40

4 Benefits of Redefined Accuracy and Performance with Zebra’s RFD40

Minimizing time spent on cycle-counting and optimizing read ranges empowers frontline workers with the information they need to be efficient. However, this can be difficult as consumers demand faster and more accurate counting. Faster speeds often leave room for errors, yet delays can result in lost sales. Businesses are turning to RFID technology that can deliver higher read rates and faster data capture for greater inventory to solve this. Studies show that the global market for RFID tags, readers, and software is estimated to reach $10.7 billion this year and expand to $17.4 billion by 2026. Additionally, studies indicate that the US retail sales for last year were 17.9% higher than the previous year, which is a rate that is growing more than twice as fast as any of the previous 30 years. A business without the tools to enhance its inventory could suffer from more stockouts, misplaced items, and ultimately unhappy customers.

On the other hand, RFID technology can deliver maximized functionality and help navigate workflows in your retail, hospitality, and healthcare environments. Giving your workers access to functional Zebra’s RFID devices empowers faster shipping with an industry-best 1,300 tag reads per second that enhances accuracy. To secure both speed and accuracy, Zebra’s RFD40 sleds equip workers with:

  1. Industry-leading capabilities that easily locate critical items – Equipping your workers with Zebra’s RFD40 sleds gives them ultra-accurate item finding and a tri-function trigger to enable worker efficiency. This means it can accelerate inventory counts to at least 1,300 tag reads per second and comes with an optimized read range to reduce overall inventory time. Expect the best-in-class inventory accuracy and asset tracking to meet your customers’ expectations for a better experience.
  2. Flexible and dependable connectivity and charging – Integrated connectivity in your store, service industry, or hospital help prevent errors with smoother communication.  The RFD40 comes equipped with Bluetooth 5.3 and is integrated with WiFi 6 capability. These features combine to form a solution that connects your workers at critical times when they need extra help during peak seasons.
  3. Dependable durability for everyday environments – A device that reliably operates throughout shifts regardless of environments can be a major asset to increasing uptime and maintaining accuracy. The RFD40’s IP54 sealing for dust and water protection allows the device to be used in challenging and robust environments. It also withstands 5-foot drops to concrete to replicate real-world knocks and bumps that can happen during important moments in your store or hospital.
  4. Comfortable use that makes your employees happy – A balanced ergonomic decision and a wider handle maximize associate productivity and forearm strain. Pairing this with its rugged durability enhances user experiences to improve flexibility and streamline efficiency.

Dependable data capture and expanded read range from RFID enhance your inventory to surpass customer expectations. Contact us today to redefine accuracy in your store. 

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