Mobile Computing

Why You Should Buy Your Zebra Devices from a Premier Solution Partner

zebra authorized resellers

When it comes to purchasing any product or service, we all want to get the most value for our money. We want to get the best possible customer service, technical support, and help with warranties or any other needs. Premier solution partners are extremely valuable to you as a customer…

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3 Simple Solutions for Better Warehouse Communication

warehouse communication

Warehouses have never been under more pressure to fulfill more orders faster and more efficiently. This is why it pays to close gaps in operational fundamentals such as workforce communication. Every day, warehouses and their workers lose valuable time and efficiency due to communication problems that include the following challenges:…

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How Much is Ineffective Asset Management Costing You?

Asset Management Solution

Effective asset management ensures employees always have equipment, tools and other resources when and where they need them. This can be accomplished either by tightly controlling assets through meticulous record keeping and control procedures, or by purchasing and maintaining spare materials to provide sufficient safety stocks. Of course, it is…

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6 Ways to Modernize Your Warehouse and Minimize Your Stress

Warehouse worker using wrist mounted mobile device with ring scanner.

If your business is struggling to handle the surge in e-commerce due to COVID-19, you’re not alone. Even before the pandemic, many warehouses were struggling to keep up with increasing order volumes and demand. Fortunately, there are six ways you can use technology to get ahead of demand by modernizing…

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How Zebra’s LifeGuard for Android™ Can Extend Mobile Device Life Cycles up to 10 Years

lifeguard for android

Android is rapidly becoming the standard OS for the enterprise, with 72 percent of all enterprise rugged handheld devices expected to ship with Android by this year. That’s the latest figure from our technology partners at Zebra Technologies, who’ve been working with Google and companies around the world to switch…

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How to Help Ensure the Health and Safety of Supply Chain Employees

image of warehouse packing station

Shared with permission from Zebra Technologies. Please click here to download the original application brief and visit to learn more about Zebra’s warehouse solutions. Distribution and fulfillment centers of essential businesses continue operating during this infection outbreak to keep our global economy running. For these businesses that means designing…

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Introducing the Zebra Certified Refurbished Mobile Device Program

Zebra Certified Refurbished

Strategic Systems is pleased to announce the Zebra Certified Refurbished Mobile Devices Program, which provides you with 100% tested, 100% certified refurbished devices with the same exceptional performance you have come to expect from Zebra. Zebra-certified refurbished devices offer you an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly option to keep your…

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Heads-Up Display for Mobile Workers: Zebra’s Breakthrough HD4000

Zebra HD4000 Heads-Up Display

We’ve all seen people on the street with their heads down, staring at smartphone screens when they should be paying attention to where they’re walking. But many workers are doing the same thing every day, by having to repeatedly look down at a mobile device screen to get work done…

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One Device to Rule Them All: Unifying Company Communications with Workforce Connect

business communications

The Internet, wireless networking and mobile devices have made it far easier to communicate with coworkers in real-time via voice and text. But many companies still use multiple methods to connect and collaborate, including push-to-talk and desk phone PBX. This means workers can end up having to juggle multiple devices…

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Introducing the RS5100 Single Finger Bluetooth Ring Scanner from Zebra Technologies

zebra rs5100 bluetooth ring scanner

Ring scanners can provide your workforce with the hands-free scanning they need to maximize productivity. But today’s workers have high expectations for wearable devices. They expect a modern design with a minimal footprint for maximum comfort, ease-of-use that’s so intuitive that virtually no training is required, plus point-and-shoot scanning simplicity…

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