Asset Tracking Software

The Strategic Asset Tracking System™ makes it easier than ever to track fixed assets across your entire organization.

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Take Control of Mission Critical Assets

The Strategic Asset Tracking System™ will help you build a thriving repository of knowledge about your assets – so you know exactly what you have, where it is, and can make better decisions about how these assets impact your bottom line.

Add barcode labels or RFID tags. Update information about your assets such as description, location, status, and serial number.

Audit your assets quickly, as often as you need or want to. Drastically reduce the time it takes to conduct an asset inventory.

Answer questions like: How many assets do we have? Where are they? What condition are they in? Are they under- or over-utilized?

Key Benefits of Strategic Asset Tracking

Take advantage of the time-saving point and shoot simplicity of barcode and RFID technology. Gain insight into how your assets are being utilized using proven best management practices.

Build a secure and central fixed asset database.

Save time by using existing barcode labels or RFID asset tags.

Define and collect the specific asset information.

Collect real-time data on the condition of your assets.

Track all fixed asset movements.

Use existing barcode labels or RFID asset tags.

Improve the employee productivity.

Run reports needed to ensure audit compliance.

Start Tracking Your Fixed Assets

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