Extreme Networks Special Edition: Wi-Fi 6 for Dummies

Wi-Fi 6 for Dummies

Previous generations of Wi-Fi (going back about 20 years) focused on increasing data rates and speed. Wi-Fi 6 (also known as 802.11ax) is the new generation of Wi-Fi technology with a new focus on efficiency and performance. Wi-Fi 6 technology is all about better and more efficient use of the existing radio frequency medium.

Wi-Fi 6 handles client density more efficiently through a new channel-sharing capability that promises true multi-user communications on both the downlink and uplink. Wi-Fi 6 also uses a new client power-saving mechanism that schedules wake-times to improve client battery life.

In this book, you learn about Wi-Fi 6 efficiency enhancements as well as the real-world implications of this historic evolution of Wi-Fi technology. You will also get an introduction to the robust offering of Wi-Fi 6 access points from Extreme Networks.