REX | Rapid Equipment Exchange Portal


Stage. Deploy. Manage. Repair. Report. Repeat.

Your mobile devices play an important role in delivering the data that keeps your business humming along. To help keep your operations at peak performance, Strategic Systems & Technology offers REX – your Rapid Equipment eXchange portal. With REX, you can achieve visibility that allows you to track, control and ensure the security of all of your mobile devices and accessories.

What Is REX?

REX is an online management portal that gives you comprehensive, real-time status visibility over your entire mobile device population. Customized to your specific needs, your flexible REX portal is searchable by the criteria that mean the most to you (serial number, location, status, etc.) and gives you the ability to export data for robust reporting.

More than just a real-time database, however, REX also encompasses support and services. Directly administered by your trusted team of Strategic Systems technical advisors, REX involves two vitally important activities –

  • Spare Pool Management | Think of this as “base camp” for your mobile devices. Strategic Systems takes guardianship of your backup devices, staging and securely storing them until they’re called into play, then shipping them out whenever and wherever they’re needed.


  • RMA Processing | When the inevitable happens and one of your devices is damaged, Strategic Systems steps up to handle the situation. Here’s how it works:
    1. One of your devices is damaged, so you
    2. trigger an alert by logging onto REX and requesting a return merchandise authorization or RMA; this
    3. activates your Strategic REX response team to ship out (priority overnight if you like – the shipping method is up to you and the urgency you specify) a replacement unit from your spare pool, along with a return label for you to
    4. ship us the damaged unit, which we
    5. manage through the manufacturer’s service contract repair process on your behalf, and then
    6. enter back into your spare pool to be ready for redeployment as needed.
Illustration of Rapid Equipment Exchange Portal

Through REX, you’ll know the location of each device and its repair/readiness status at any time. Before entering a repaired device back into your spare pool, we test it to ensure that the problem has been fixed and, if needed, reload your golden image so that the unit will be ready to use whenever it is required.

With REX integrating all of the moving pieces, you have complete visibility into the efficiency indicators that can help you make better decisions about your business – things like device performance, location allotment, individual unit history, and overall usage and repair trends – whatever metrics are most important to you.

Stage. Deploy. Manage. Repair. Report. Repeat. With REX, we’re on it.

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