Motorola Mobility Service Platform (MSP) Stage Edition

Barcode scanner used in a workshop
Motorola’s MSP4 Stage Edition mobile device management solution offers a Web-based interface for convenient deployment of mobile computers. Through automated, template-based configurations issued from a single point of control, devices around the world are ready to use in minutes, without the risk of configuration errors.

Advanced staging operations provide users with true out-of-the-box abilities to configure network and device settings and fully load initial applications. Staging can be fully automated or require a single, simple step from your users:

  • Scanning a series of barcodes;
  • Performing an ActiveSync;
  • Docking the device in a cradle connected to a PC or computer network; or
  • Connecting to a pre-defined staging network.

For a full overview see the MSP4 spec sheet below, then contact us to get started.

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