Mobile Device Management Solution for a BYOD World

Mobile device management scenario

Manage your Motorola and non-Motorola mobile computers and peripherals with Mobility Services Platform (MSP), Motorola's most complete mobile device management solution. MSP4 enables flexibility for supporting employees' mobile device preferences while maintaining corporate compliance policies and keeping company data secure. Centrally control as few as 10 devices in a single site or tens of thousands of mobile computers around the world — regardless of type of device, operating system, manufacturer or whether devices are inside the enterprise or out in the field. With automatic staging, users are up and running with minimal effort — devices are ready to use the moment they are powered on.

Key Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) management features of MSP4

  • Multiple operating system support - including all versions of Windows Mobile plus WIndows CE, as well as Android v2.2+, Apple iOS 4 and Apple iOS5
  • Self enrollment - no hands-on time is required from your IT staff to get users up and running
  • Configuration and application management - any deviations from your specific policies for each device are detected and corrected automatically, ensuring compliance
  • Remote over-the-air control - so staging and updating devices from a central location happens in the background, and device and/or application issues can be resolved remotely
  • Remote lock and wipe - to protect sensitive company data in the event that a device is stolen or goes missing

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