Mobile Computers

We specialize in large-scale deployments of enterprise mobility hardware. For more than a decade, Strategic Systems has been a Zebra Premier Solutions partner, expert resource, and single point-of-purchase for some of the most successful organizations in North America. They rely on us to help fill their needs for rugged mobile computers that capture real-time data and help them stay productive on the go. Our enterprise hardware offering also includes RFID Readers and Antennas, Barcode Scanners, and Wireless Networking devices.

  • MC40 | Android Handheld.
    MC40 | Android Handheld

    With Zebra’s MC40 mobile computer, associates in retail and other customer-facing industries have a handheld device that’s as smart and capable inside as it is outside.

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  • MC40-HC | Android Handheld.
    MC40-HC | Healthcare Handheld

    Designed for healthcare staff, the MC40-HC offers the ease-of-use and familiar styling of today's consumer smartphones, with more security, power, and disinfectant-ready durability.

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  • MC45 | Mobile Computer.
    MC45 | Field Service Mobile Computer

    Zebra’s MC45 balances style and one-handed operation with affordability and a robust enterprise feature set that address the needs of sales, maintenance and delivery workers on the go.

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  • MC55A0 | Mobile Computer.
    MC55A0 | Mobile Computer

    The rugged MC55A0 from Zebra offers access to business applications, barcode scanning, and picture/video capturing, as well as private or push-to-talk calls, all in one device.

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  • MC55A0-HC | Mobile Computer.
    MC55A0-HC | Mobile Computer

    Configured for the particular needs of healthcare workers, the MC55A0-HC mobile computer enables instant access to critical data throughout the patient care network.

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  • MC55N0 | Rugged Mobile Computer.
    MC55N0 | Rugged Mobile Computer

    When it comes to meeting the needs of your workforce, the rugged Wi-Fi MC55N0 excels with its perfect blend of form and function.

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  • MC65 | Rugged Mobile Computer.
    MC65 | Rugged Mobile Computer

    The rugged MC65 handheld mobile computer from Zebra gives field workers tough, flexible performance for productivity on the move.

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  • MC67 | Rugged Handheld.
    MC67 | Rugged Handheld

    In today’s fast-paced field environments, Zebra’s MC67 handheld is a powerful mobile computer that has the toughness, capacity, speed and connectivity to keep mobile workers on-task and on-time.

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  • MC75A | Premium EDA.
    MC75A | Premium EDA

    A worldwide standout in the EDA field, Zebra’s 3.5G MC75 offers enterprise-class functionality in a truly rugged form factor, meeting or exceeding MIL-STD 810G stress tests and IEC specs for tumble and sealing.

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  • MC75A0-HC | Rugged Handheld.
    MC75A0-HC | Healthcare EDA

    The MC75A0-HC rugged mobile computer is another top healthcare-specific offering from Zebra that delivers critical accuracy and efficiency for patient data management processes.

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  • MC75A-HF | Contactless Mobile Computer.
    MC75A-HF | HF RFID Reader

    Improve the service levels in your ticketing, secure transactions, and identity and asset management applications with the MC75A HF and Near Field Communications processes.

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  • PD40 | Payment Device.
    PD40 | Payment Device

    With the PD40, associates can use Zebra multi-function mobile computers to ring up purchases with virtually any type of payment card, anywhere in the store, for a better shopping experience and fewer lost sales.

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  • SB1 | Smart Badge.
    SB1 | Smart Badge

    Zebra's SB1 is a wearable electronic name badge that features not only a built-in, omni-directional 1D/2D barcode scanner, but also an integrated microphone for push-to-talk (PTT) communications.

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  • SB1-HC | Smart Badge.
    SB1-HC | Smart Badge

    This affordable wearable computer for healthcare workers includes an omni-directional barcode scanner and secure Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n radio, enabling swift action and task accuracy throughout the patient care process.

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  • TC55 | Android Handheld.
    TC55 | Android Handheld

    Zebra’s TC55 capitalizes on the latest technology, aesthetics and usability of popular personal devices - but has ruggedness and integrated data capture capabilities that its consumer-grade counterparts don't.

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  • TC70 | Android Handheld.
    TC70 | Android Handheld

    The TC70 touch computer from Zebra is a professional, rugged device that performs reliably in demanding environments such as the retail backroom, warehouse floor, and outdoor shopping areas and receiving docks.

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  • TC75 | Mobile Handheld Computer.
    TC75 | Mobile Computer

    The Symbol TC75 combines rugged functionality with consumer-friendly styling: it’s built for life in the field – with a full complement of enterprise-class voice and data capture features – while delivering a user experience that’s as refined and easy-to-use as consumer smartphones.

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  • ET1 | Tablet Computer.
    ET1 | Tablet Computer

    Zebra’s rugged ET1 tablet with enhanced Android™ operating system delivers enterprise-class security, flexibility and manageability over wireless LAN and wireless WAN networks.

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  • MC17 | Personal Shopper.
    MC17 | Personal Shopper

    With the press of a few buttons, the multi-purpose MC17 empowers shoppers to scan items while they shop, check pricing, locate complementary items, access personalized offers, create gift and wish lists and more.

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  • MC18 | Personal Shopper.
    MC18 | Personal Shopper

    The MC18's all-touch display offers shoppers a smartphone-style user experience while scanning items, receiving product suggestions and coupons, and keeping a running tally for faster checkout.

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  • MC2100 Mobile Computer.
    MC2100 | Mobile Computer

    Value-priced but feature-rich, the MC2100 offers best-in-class processing power, rugged design, superior ergonomics, flexible data capture options, enterprise-grade push-to-talk (PTT), centralized management and more.

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  • MC3100 Mobile Computer.
    MC3100 | Mobile Computer

    Leveraging Zebra’s Mobility Platform Architecture 2.0, the MC3100 combines advanced computing power with industry-leading data capture capabilities and an ergonomic form factor, along with the latest in mobile technology security.

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  • MC3200 Mobile Computer.
    MC3200 | Mobile Computer

    The next generation in the class-leading MC3000 Series, the MC3200 Series offers more options, including operating systems - Android Jelly Bean or Microsoft Embedded Compact 7 - and Zebra's advanced 1-D laser or 1-D/2-D imager scan engines.

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  • MC9190-G Mobile Computer.
    MC9190-G | Mobile Computer

    The gun-style MC9190-G is ideal for use in scan-intensive applications in harsh environments, from managing inventory in industrial warehouses with sub-zero temperatures to equipment maintenance in the hot, sandy desert.

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  • MC9200 Mobile Computer.
    MC9200 | Mobile Computer

    The MC9200 rugged mobile computer, the next generation of the industry-leading gold standard for mobility, has evolved to meet changing business needs, bringing you the same signature rugged design, best-in-class barcode scanning and dependable operation.

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  • MC9500-K Mobile Computer.
    MC9500-K | Mobile Computer

    Building on the MC9000 Series, the MC9500-K delivers a more rugged design, more data capture options, customer-swappable WAN subsystems and keypads, more processing power, a universal accessory system and more — all in a lighter and easier-to-use form factor.

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  • WORKABOUT PRO 4 Mobile Computer.
    Workabout Pro 4 | Mobile Computer

    The modular design approach offered by the Workabout Pro 4 mobile computer lets you buy the features you need now, and easily add new features later in your own facility.

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  • EP10 Mobile Computer.
    EP10 | Mobile Computer

    Optimized for commercial and industrial applications, the EP10 is built on Zebra's Omnii™ platform and combines phone, data collection, and application processing functionality in one rugged, lightweight device.

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  • TC8000 | Mobile Touch Computer.
    TC8000 | Mobile Touch Computer

    The TC8000 Touch Computer combines ergonomic comfort, superior scanning capabilities and rugged durability for a truly efficient, user-friendly mobile device.

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  • ET50 & ET55 | Tablet.
    ET50 & ET55 | Tablet

    The ET50 & ET55 marries the best of consumer-styling with all the enterprise-class features you need to increase workforce productivity, with a real business class return on your tablet investment.

    ET50 & ET55 Full View
  • WT41N0 Wearable Terminal.
    WT41N0 | Wearable Terminal

    The WT41N0 features a high-performance computing platform, 802.11 a/b/g/n WLAN connectivity, bright QVGA display, full keyboard for text entry, and a lightweight ergonomic design that can be worn on the hip or wrist.

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  • WT6000 Durable Wearable Computer.
    WT6000 | Durable Wearable Computer

    The WT6000 wearable computer is a light and compact, offering an improved closure system to ensure maximal comfort. Workers can easily integrate this rugged device with Zebra's Bluetooth ring scanner, Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth printers for an instant total wearable solution.

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  • OMNII™ XT15 Mobile Computer.
    OMNII™ XT15 | Mobile Computer

    Building on the unique adaptability of the proven Zebra Omnii™ platform, the all-new Omnii XT15 Series raises the bar even higher to deliver the highest levels of ruggedness and functionality.

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  • VC70N0 Vehicle-mounted Computer.
    VC70N0 | Vehicle-Mounted Computer

    Designed for use in extreme environments, the VC70N0 comes with a dust-and-water-tight IP66 sealing, rugged aluminum construction, freezer rating, sealed connectors and extreme shock and vibration testing.

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  • 8515 Vehicle-Mounted Computer.
    8515 | Vehicle-Mounted Computer

    Zebra’s 8515 vehicle-mounted computer is a rugged, lightweight device that delivers reliable performance in a compact package, and is ideal for use on forklifts and trucks.

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  • VH10 Vehicle-Mounted Computer.
    VH10 | Vehicle-Mounted Computer

    The VH10 is built to provide the real-time information your workforce needs to get the job done fast and done right – in warehouse aisles, out in the yard or in a freezer.

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  • RCH51 Rugged Cabled Headset.
    RCH51| Rugged Cabled Headset

    The RCH51 provides the feature set required to enable voice applications in demanding enterprise environments — like the warehouse, freezer, loading dock, or factory — while bridging the gap between light duty call center-style and costly military grade headsets.

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  • HS3100/HS2100 bluetooth and cabled headset.
    HS3100/HS2100| Rugged Industrial Headset

    The HS3100/HS2100 industrial headsets pair easily with your mobile computer, enabling speech-driven applications in even the most rugged environments.

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  • HC1 | Headset Computer.
    HC1 | Headset Computer

    The HC1 Headset Computer features an adjustable optical micro-display (with a view equivalent to a 15-inch laptop screen) that enables hands-free access to documents, videos, photos and more.

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